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Jeudi 28 novembre 2019 - Strasbourg Edition révisée

9.6. Adhésion de l'Union européenne à la convention d'Istanbul et autres mesures de lutte contre la violence à caractère sexiste (B9-0224/2019, B9-0225/2019, B9-0226/2019)
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  Ангел Джамбазки (ECR). – Уважаема г-жо Председател, категорично гласувах против Истанбулската конвенция с много ясни мотиви. Този документ е всичко друго, но не и документ, който да цели защитата на правата и защитата на жените от насилие. Това е документ, който представлява еманацията на една недопустима за мен пропаганда, а именно джендър пропагандата, която нахлува в училища, в университети, която разрушава общности, която разрушава традиционните семейства в източноевропейските държави.

Неслучайно редица държави членки от Източна Европа са против нея. Не защото са против борбата с насилието срещу жените, а защото са против тази пропаганда, която цели подмяна на нашите традиционни ценности, нещо, с което ние не можем и няма да се съгласим.

Недопустимо и неприемливо е да се формулира и да се определя социалната роля на пола. Полът е биология и няма никаква възможност за избор. Той не може да бъде и няма да бъде никога социална хрумка или някакъв вид избор. Той е чисто и просто биология. По тази причина този документ е неприемлив. Ние в България не сме го ратифицирали и няма да го направим.


  Michaela Šojdrová (PPE). – Paní předsedající, já jsem nemohla podpořit usnesení, které opět vyzývá všechny zbývající státy Evropské unie, aby neprodleně ratifikovaly Istanbulskou úmluvu. Konkrétně jmenuje Bulharsko, Českou republiku, Maďarsko, Lotyšsko, Litvu, Slovensko a Spojené království, aby tak neprodleně učinily.

Já se domnívám, že jde o mystifikaci, že jde o snahu vytvořit dojem, že přijetí Istanbulské úmluvy je řešení. Řešení je opravdu boj proti násilí na ženách a vím to z příkladů z České republiky, která přijala zákon proti domácímu násilí, která přijala opatření v rámci trestního zákoníku, v rámci vzdělávání a další opatření, aby bojovala účinně proti násilí na ženách. Nepotřebovala k tomu ratifikovat Istanbulskou úmluvu. A já na tom trvám, že je to pravomoc členských států, a Evropský parlament nemá neustále vyzývat členské státy, aby udělaly něco, co udělat nechtějí.


  Jude Kirton-Darling (S&D). – Madam President, I voted in favour, recognising that violence against women and girls mostly goes unreported. Last year alone, almost 40 000 women and girls in my home region were known survivors of domestic abuse, and over 8 000 experienced sexual violence. These shocking numbers have no place in our society, and I’m appalled that the Istanbul Convention has not yet been ratified by the United Kingdom.

We can’t claim to be a leading economy, a world power, if we’re systematically failing some of our most vulnerable and most valuable citizens. Enough is enough. Our society must be a safe place for our daughters, our sisters, our mothers. No more holding our keys when we walk home at night, no more ‘what did she wear, what did she drink?’ No more shutting us down when we speak up. Europe must now criminalise violence against women and girls.


  Rory Palmer (S&D). – Madam President, in 2017, 1 998 women intentionally killed; 87 983 women raped; 123 871 subject to sexual assaults across 22 EU Member States. Those numbers are shocking, they are shameful, they are frightening, and they are why we have to pass the strongest possible laws at every level against violence against women. And in that year, 2017, in my own country, 250 intentional homicides against women.

It’s outrageous that my government in the UK has not yet ratified the Istanbul Convention, but it’s also outrageous that as a direct result of funding cuts and austerity under this government, rape crisis centres and refuges and other vital services are struggling to keep their doors open. Austerity is putting the safety of women at risk.


  President. – Mr Kelly, before I give you the floor, I would like to remind all of us that the deadline for submitting requests for oral explanations of vote is the start of the session. After the session starts in the future there will be no possibility, but this time the floor is yours.


  Seán Kelly (PPE). – A Uachtaráin, tá brón orm as ucht an bhotúin sin.

I voted in favour and fully support all progress towards EU accession to the Istanbul Convention, which is the most comprehensive international treaty in fighting violence against women. Tragically, a third of all women and girls experience physical or sexual violence in their lifetime. Furthermore, many victims are afraid to come forward and report such incidents. This is unacceptable and we must take the necessary steps to enact meaningful change for women across Europe. This much is clear.

The Convention, which was ratified by Ireland earlier this year, is the first in Europe to set legally binding standards specifically to prevent gender-based violence. The EU’s accession to the Convention would reaffirm our commitment to achieving gender balance.

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