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 Pilns teksts 
Pirmdiena, 2019. gada 16. decembris - Strasbūra Pagaidu redakcija

Rumānijas 1989. gada decembra revolūcijas 30. gadadienas atcere (debates)

  Sandra Kalniete (PPE), rakstiski. – Thirty years ago, a violent uprising in Romania ended the communist regime of Ceaușescu and opened up the country’s path towards the EU, NATO and the democratic world. Years of shortages, food and fuel rationing, power cuts and stifling surveillance had driven Romanians to breaking point. This was the most violent of all the uprisings leading to the fall of communism in the states behind the Iron Curtain. Romania had the only revolution that saw the perpetrator sentenced to death and executed, but there are still many questions that remain unanswered. Last month, a Bucharest court opened preliminary hearings into allegations that Iliescu and two associates committed crimes against humanity in December 1989, leading to the death of 862 people and injury to 2,150 after Ceausescu fled. There were 700 hundred people queuing for hours to attend the hearing. That queue is the best proof that Romanians still want justice. I call on Romania to boost its efforts to clarify the truth of the past, to do its utmost to ensure the crimes of communist regimes are remembered, to guarantee such crimes will never be committed again. It is an absolute necessity for the country, the Romanian people, the EU.

Pēdējā atjaunošana: 2020. gada 6. janvārisJuridisks paziņojums - Privātuma politika