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 Full text 
Monday, 13 January 2020 - Strasbourg Revised edition

Devastating Bushfires in Australia and other extreme weather events as a consequence of Climate Change (debate)

  Robert Rowland (NI), blue-card answer. – My honourable friend is quite right. In fact, I did some research last week which showed that the environmental lobby had prevented exactly what my colleague said: away from the local autonomous regions dictating how policy should be mandated and towards the federal level, and then being hamstrung by the environmental lobby again, which prevents what I would call moderate fires and felling, which have actually been eliminated because they believe it causes too much CO2. What happens then, of course, is that you get these massive conflagrations with vast amounts of CO2 as a result. So it’s imperative that we get what in this Chamber we used to call ‘subsidiarity’ – the ability of local authorities to actually run their own regions.

(Applause from certain quarters)

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