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 Full text 
Monday, 13 January 2020 - Strasbourg Revised edition

One-minute speeches on matters of political importance

  Antony Hook (Renew). – Mr President, as Churchill envisaged in 1946, we have recreated the European fabric and produced the structure under which it can dwell in peace, safety and freedom. Decisions made here will still have an impact in my country for a long time to come, so the success of the European Union remains vital, and I believe the UK’s separation will be temporary. In our recent election, 53% of voters demanded another say on Brexit. Yet people in the UK live under a sham electoral system, which turns 42% of votes into 56% of seats. Almost all our press is owned by a few men living abroad. Britain’s party of government is funded by a tiny number of very rich men with no legal limit on donations. The Prime Minister suppresses a report on Russian interference in our elections. In time, we will again live up to Churchill’s vision, and democracy and Britain’s place in the European Union will be renewed.

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