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 Full text 
Tuesday, 14 January 2020 - Strasbourg Provisional edition

Sustainable investment plan, just transition fund and Roadmap on Social Europe (debate)

  Robert Rowland (NI). – Madam President, we have now reached a tipping point where we see clear evidence of job destruction across Europe due to the insane green policies of the EU. The promised job creation is an illusion propagated by our masters in the Commission who roll out their seven year Soviet—era Gosplan in the misguided belief they know how to create economic wealth. Most of these career bureaucrats have never created a business in their life, and certainly don’t have any understanding of what they’re doing to the industrial base of Europe. This is not Schumpeter’s ‘creative destruction’ – this is a made-in-Europe version of destructive destruction. The German automotive industries already announced over 40 000 job losses due to forced conversion to electric vehicles. The promise of green new jobs reminds me of the American Major in the Vietnam War who said ‘to save a village, you first have to destroy it’.

The same economically illiterate logic is used by the EU Commission. They think they have the power to magically create new jobs once they have destroyed existing ones. The unJust Transition Fund budget of just over EUR 30 billion is meant to assist countries such as Poland and the Czech Republic. My prediction is that the number will triple as the Commission pays for the folly of the Green New Deal and is forced to rescue large swathes of Europe’s obsolete industrial base that has been intentionally destroyed.

(The speaker agreed to take a blue-card question under Rule 171(8))

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