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 Full text 
Thursday, 16 January 2020 - Strasbourg Provisional edition

Situation in Venezuela after the illegal election of the new National Assembly Presidency and Bureau (parliamentary coup) (B9-0051/2020, B9-0052/2020, B9-0053/2020, RC-B9-0048/2020, B9-0048/2020, B9-0049/2020, B9-0050/2020)

  Mick Wallace (GUE/NGL). – Madam President, the EU’s continued recognition of Guaidó is even more farcical now, given that on 5 January, with 150 of the 165 Members present, the National Assembly elected Luis Parra as its new President. Parra is from the right-wing opposition party Primero Justicia and was elected with 81 votes. Nor was Guaidó refused access to the National Assembly, as claimed by Josep Borrell. He’s on camera inside the gated area, calmly refusing to enter unless he was allowed to take with him 11 former members of the Assembly. The event with him climbing the railing was staged afterwards.

The Declaration by Josep Borrell, expressing full support to Guaidó as President of the National Assembly is so disappointing and for me it’s a disgrace. The EU leadership is supporting anti-democratic regime change again. It’s crazy. Why don’t we leave the Venezuelan people to themselves? It’s time to stop inflicting suffering on these people and force the Americans to lift the sanctions and let the Venezuelans decide their future.

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