Monday, 10 February 2020 - StrasbourgRevised edition
 1.Resumption of the session
 2.Opening of the sitting
 3.Statement by the President
 4.Approval of the minutes of the previous sittings : see Minutes
 5.Composition of Parliament : see Minutes
 6.Composition of committees
 7.Questions for oral answer (submission): see Minutes
 8.Documents received: see Minutes
 9.Order of business
 10.Commission communication on the Review of the economic governance (debate)
 11.Assessment of the revised enlargement methodology proposal of the Commission (debate)
 12.Automated decision-making processes: Ensuring consumer protection, and free movement of goods and services (debate)
 13.SMEs and better regulation (debate)
 14.Revision of the guidelines for trans-European energy infrastructure - Objection pursuant to Rule 111: Union list of projects of common interest (debate)
 15.One-minute speeches on matters of political importance
 16.Agenda of the next sitting : see Minutes
 17.Closure of the sitting
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Revised edition (2661 kb)
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