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Lundi 8 mars 2021 - Bruxelles Edition provisoire

19. Session de vote
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  President. – Before continuing with the debates, I will open today’s voting session. We will vote on the files as indicated on the agenda. The voting session will be open from 18.30 until 19.45.

The same voting methods will be used as during the last part-sessions. For the vote on the immunities, voting will be by secret ballot. Members will be able to cast their votes in the usual way, but the ballot paper that they receive for signature will not display the way they voted, only the fact that they have voted. All other votes will be held by roll call. Explanations of votes may be submitted in writing. Exceptionally, explanations of votes containing a maximum of 400 words will be accepted.

I declare the voting session open. You have until 19.45 to vote. The results of the votes will be announced tomorrow at 9.00.

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