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Tuesday, 18 May 2021 - Brussels Revised edition

EU strategy towards Israel-Palestine (debate)

  Lukas Mandl (PPE). – Madam President, what we heard from the speaker just before me in this European Parliament is a bad example, I would say, for this kind of misunderstanding. I would say it’s a misunderstanding that’s happening on purpose. It’s part of doubting the right of Israel to exist. It’s part of doubting the right of Israel to defend itself.

First of all we have to take care of what’s happening in the streets of Europe and we are facing anti-Semitism these days in the streets of Europe and we have to tackle it strongly and we have to encourage Member States to tackle it strongly.

Let me remind you that when my own country, Austria, was attacked by terrorists in November last year, Israel was the very first state showing solidarity with Austria. And I am sure that Israel would have done the same with each and every other state which would be based on democracy and rule of law, as Israel itself is, and would be attacked from terrorists.

So now we stand with solidarity with Israel, and we should never forget about the question, who is the aggressor here and who defends itself? And that’s all we have to know in order to put things into the right place.

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