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Tuesday, 14 September 2021 - Strasbourg Revised edition

Direction of EU-Russia political relations (debate)

  Clare Daly, on behalf of The Left Group. – Mr President, EU-Russia relations are at their lowest ebb ever, and Parliament’s response is more, much more, of exactly the same thing – prevent Russia from developing relations with EU countries individually, ratchet up NATO, strengthen EU defences to deter Russia, sanctions and international investigations and so on.

This isn’t a serious, credible document. It’s actually a xenophobic rant. Much of the information is false, misleading and one-sided. We surround Russia with NATO bases and we call them the aggressor. We support opposition groups and we accuse them of foreign interference. The European project is not being undermined and divided by Russia, but by the rank hypocrisy that is characterised in this report, and the only beneficiaries of this nonsense are the arms industry made fat on the profits of its hysteria.

So would people ever calm down and cop on. We need to work diplomatically with our neighbours for a peaceful resolution of differences. Would you back off the Russia phobia. The last thing we need is a cold war turning into a hot one. We absolutely reject the report in its entirety.

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