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Procedure : 2022/2205(INI)
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Wednesday, 13 September 2023 - Strasbourg Revised edition

20.5. 2022 Report on Türkiye (A9-0247/2023 - Nacho Sánchez Amor)
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Mutiski balsojumu skaidrojumi


  Mick Wallace (The Left). – Mr President, the Commissioner told us yesterday that the EU was going to give more bags of money to Türkiye to cage refugees so that they don’t get to Europe and they don’t get back to where they came from.

I’d love to know, what is the EU plan for the caged refugees – and there are a few million of them – in Türkiye? We don’t want them to go back to Syria, and even if we did, we would have to lift the illegal sanctions that we have imposed on them for a few years now – sanctions that are hurting women and children and the elderly the most. What’s wrong with us? Do you think they’re hurting Assad? This is madness!

So now we have a couple of million Syrian refugees in Türkiye. Can you tell me what the future is for them if we don’t want them to come to Europe and we don’t want them to go back to Syria? Are they going to stay in the cages forever? What’s the plan? Or is there any plan? It’s absolutely disgraceful what we’re doing!


  Sēdes vadītājs. – Mēs slēdzam balsošanas skaidrojumu sadaļu.

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