Parliamentary question - E-3246/2001Parliamentary question

Outcome of the action in Afghanistan under Article 6(c) of the Council common position of 22 January 2001

by Maurizio Turco (NI)
to the Commission

On 22 January 2001 the Council adopted a common position on Afghanistan[1], Article 7 of which says that the Commission intends to direct its action towards achieving the objectives and the priorities of the common position; in Article 6(c) the Union condemns terrorism in all its forms, whenever and wherever it occurs, and states that to advance the fight against terrorism, the Union will 'urge the Taliban to comply fully and urgently with UN Security Council Resolutions 1276/99 of 15 October 1999 and 1333/2000 of 19 December 2000'. What practical measures did the European Commission take before the events of 11 September to meet that objective?

OJ C 160 E, 04/07/2002