Parliamentary question - E-2042/2003Parliamentary question

Murder in Cambodia of Poul Vin, representative of the Sam Raisi opposition party and EU initiative with a view to elections on 28 July 2003

by Marco Pannella (NI), Maurizio Turco (NI), Emma Bonino (NI), Marco Cappato (NI), Benedetto Della Vedova (NI), Gianfranco Dell'Alba (NI) and Olivier Dupuis (NI)
to the Commission

On the morning of 4 June 2003, Poul Vin (23), a representative of the Sam Raisi Party, candidate and member in charge of the manifesto for the party's electoral campaign and of monitoring of the electoral process in the region, whose father has also been a leading member of the SRP for many years, was found murdered in Bous L-hong (district of O'Raing Euv, province of Kompong Cham).


In view of the steady deterioration in the human rights and political situation in Cambodia in the run-up to the 27 July elections, which will be held in the presence of Commission observers:


- does the Commission not consider that it should warn the Cambodian Government that, should criminal acts continue to be perpetrated, all forms of EU cooperation would be immediately suspended on grounds of manifest, continued and aggravated violations of human rights and democracy, which are priority objectives of the 2002-2004 cooperation plan between the EU and Cambodia?


- does it not consider that such a warning, if given promptly and as a matter of urgency, before the beginning of the election campaign, might finally constitute a practical step towards ensuring respect for the law and the agreements which have been violated, as well as the smooth, non-violent and democratic conduct of the election campaign and civil life in Cambodia?

OJ C 51 E, 26/02/2004