Parliamentary question - E-3384/2003Parliamentary question

    Corridor 5

    by Gianfranco Dell'Alba (NI), Emma Bonino (NI), Marco Cappato (NI), Benedetto Della Vedova (NI), Olivier Dupuis (NI), Marco Pannella (NI) and Maurizio Turco (NI)
    to the Commission

    The Italian ('Trans-Padania') leg of Corridor 5, which is to link Lisbon and Kiev and thereby ensure optimum east-west transport conditions in southern Europe, is important to the European and Italian facets of the economy of the Friuli-Venezia-Giulia region and the city of Trieste.


    The Trieste node is of particular importance in terms of links with the countries of Central and Eastern Europe and as an ideal point of passage for east-west road and rail traffic south of the Alps.


    Despite numbering among the Transeuropean projects originally proposed by the Commission, it seems that the Venice-Trieste-Capodistria-Ljubljana-Budapest section has unexpectedly been discarded from the slimmed-down 'quick list', which could jeopardise a prompt launch of the project.


    Can the Commission urgently explain the reasons for this step backwards and indicate whether this means it has revised its position?

    OJ C 782 E, 27/03/2004