Parliamentary question - E-0059/2004Parliamentary question

    Animal welfare and subsidies following the reform of the CAP

    by Hiltrud Breyer (Verts/ALE)
    to the Commission

    When the reform of the CAP enters into force, subsidies for cattle farmers will be specifically linked to compliance with EU basic requirements in terms of animal health and welfare. Farmers who fail to observe these requirements will be subject to cuts in direct payments, as well as the sanctions generally applicable.


    How will farms be assessed for animal welfare?


    How does the animal welfare factor tie in with subsidies for breeders of fighting bulls, who earn their living by repeatedly hiring out their animals for bullfights, during which they are left to face hours of torture, including being injured with lances, having their horns set on fire and being hunted into the sea? Does the Commission intend to reduce these farms' subsidies on a permanent basis, since it is clear that their very nature means that they cannot meet the minimum animal welfare requirements?