Parlamendi esitatud küsimus - E-2616/2004Parlamendi esitatud küsimus
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Deportations by the Italian Government

by Umberto Guidoni (GUE/NGL) and Marco Rizzo (GUE/NGL)
to the Commission

The Italian Government is continues to round up and deport non-EU nationals without bothering to ascertain the reasons for their - albeit clandestine - entry into Italy, or in other words into the EU. It is possible that, besides economic migrants, the thousands of non-EU nationals rounded up and deported might also include people who have left their home countries to seek asylum.

1. Does the Commission not consider these rounding up and deporting operations to run counter to the EU's values and principles laid down in the Treaties?

2. What action will it take to ensure respect for EU values in this area?

OJ C 125, 29/05/2006