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Parliamentary questions
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20 January 2005
by Umberto Pirilli (UEN)
to the Commission

 Subject:  Counterfeiting of the European Community's CE trademark
 Answer in writing 

China, which has recently joined the WTO, is still infringing the Organisation's rules on counterfeiting. Amongst other things it has created a logo and a misleading trademark for its products which is the same as the Community trademark (CE = China Export).

Furthermore, China uses prisoners and children to make many of its products. Some Chinese products exported to Europe are harmful to health, such as taps made of scrap metal or containing depleted uranium. This state of affairs constitutes unfair competition vis-à-vis Europe's industries (which produce goods in accordance with high social and environmental quality standards) and at the same time allows China - with Europe's consent - to dominate the European market.

By behaving in such a way, China has demonstrated that it joined the WTO for the sole purpose of deriving benefits without having to comply with the Organisation's rules on employment, the environment and product safety.

What does the Commission intend to do under the auspices of the WTO in order to put an end to this intolerable state of affairs which is detrimental to Europe's industries and to the health of its people?

Original language of question: ITOJ C 299, 08/12/2006
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