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Parliamentary questions
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2 March 2005
by Simon Busuttil (PPE-DE)
to the Commission

 Subject:  Restriction on EU football players allowed to play in Maltese league
 Answer in writing 

The Malta Football Association imposes a requirement that a minimum of eight ‘home-grown’ players must be playing on the field at any point in time during a football match in the Maltese Premier league. In practice, this means that no more than three players from other EU Member States can play in a match at any point in time.

Does the Commission consider that this requirement is incompatible with the principle of the freedom of movement of workers in the EU and discriminatory on the basis of nationality and therefore illegal?

Does the Commission consider the specific requirement to have eight ‘home-grown’ players on the field at any one point in time during a football match as incompatible with the Bosman ruling of the European Court of Justice and with subsequent jurisprudence?

What action will the Commission take on this specific case if it considers that there is a case of infringement of EU law?

 OJ C 299, 08/12/2006
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