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Pergunta parlamentar - E-4449/2006(ASW)Pergunta parlamentar
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    Answer given by Mr Dimas on behalf of the Commission

    The Commission does not posses any information on this incident beyond what is in the public domain and provided by the German authorities. It can neither deny nor confirm whether there has been an experiment nor give an assessment of its theoretical effects.

    There is no obligation in the European legislation on ambient air quality and air emissions to notify such tests to the Commission. The Commission is not aware, moreover, of any explicit elevation of the concentrations of regulated air pollutants attributed to this event, which would be caught by the air quality monitoring set under the requirements of the Framework Directive 96/62/EC of 27 September 1996 on ambient air quality assessment and management[1] and its subsequent daughter directives.

    OJ C 329, 30/12/2006