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Parliamentary questions
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2 March 2007
by Adriana Poli Bortone (UEN) , Cristiana Muscardini (UEN) , Roberta Angelilli (UEN) , Umberto Pirilli (UEN) , Romano Maria La Russa (UEN) , Salvatore Tatarella (UEN) , Alessandro Foglietta (UEN) , Sergio Berlato (UEN) and Sebastiano (Nello) Musumeci (UEN)
to the Commission

 Subject: The Mitrokhin archive
 Answer in writing 

The Mitrokhin archive has revealed the existence in Italy of a clandestine network of secret agents with links to the former USSR whose mission is to set up political sabotage networks, launch special operations and arrange for the use of premises by KGB agents as hideouts and locations for large‑scale listening devices.

In 2002 a parliamentary commission was set up in Italy under the chairmanship of Paolo Guzzanti to investigate the claims made in the Mitrokhin archive and any political or administrative implications and responsibilities.

On 26 November 2006 the newspaper La Repubblica, in an exclusive interview with former KGB agent Yevgeny Limarev, who was used as an external consultant by Mario Scaramella at the time of the parliamentary commission, published the names of the people who acted as informers in the presumed dealings between the KGB, the USSR and the Italian State.

Among these names was that of the centre-left mayoral candidate for the city of Lecce, Antonio Rotunda.

Could the Commission:

1. shed light on the names on the list, particularly that of the candidate Antonio Rotundo, in order to put an end to doubt and uncertainty?
2. grant the international letters rogatory that the Italian Government has applied for in respect of the United Kingdom and Russia in order to gain access to the original document?
3. set up an ad hoc committee to investigate the Mitrokhin archive at European level?

Original language of question: ITOJ C 293, 05/12/2007
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