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15 January 2008
by Satu Hassi (Verts/ALE) and Alexander Stubb (PPE‑DE)
to the Commission

 Subject: Animal transport legislation: inadequate supervision
 Answer in writing 

A 45-minute documentary on the Finnish MTV 3 television channel showed horses being transported from Poland, with nothing to eat or drink, on their way to be slaughtered in Italy. Some were in foal, and others were even crippled. The animals suffered totally needless cruelty; during the entire 1300 km journey, which lasted three days, they were not let out for exercise so much as once.

The transport operations filmed for the programme are manifestly incompatible with Regulation (EC) No 1/2005 on the protection of animals during transport and related operations(1). Does the Commission have any understanding of the scale of the infringements? What will it do to improve supervision for the purposes of the regulation and the checks carried out at borders? How does it view the idea of tightening up the existing legislation in order, for example, to limit the maximum journey time to eight hours or impose more severe penalties on those who break the rules?

(1)OJ L 3, 5.1.2005, p. 1.

Original language of question: FIOJ C 191, 29/07/2008
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