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Parliamentary questions
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17 April 2008
by Bairbre de Brún (GUE/NGL)
to the Commission

 Subject: Question E‑4942/07
 Answer in writing 

In the answer to my Question E‑4942/07, the Commission provided information on a request sent to the International Council for Exploration of the Sea (ICES) to review the current status of interactions between fisheries and seabirds in EU waters, including the Mediterranean and the Black Sea. The Commission also stated that this would be the first step in a process that could be extended to international waters, which could therefore lead to further action in RFMOs (Regional Fisheries Management Organisations).

Would the Commission say what progress has been achieved since the letter was sent to ICES? Would the Commission outline the next step (timetable and delivery) in the development of the Community action plan? Is it going to be included in the DG Fisheries Work programme for 2009, in line with the Commission's original indications?

Does the Commission still consider 2009 to be a realistic date for finalising the action plan? If not, what are the reasons?

 OJ C 40, 18/02/2009
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