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Parliamentary questions
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19 January 2009
by Rareş-Lucian Niculescu (PPE‑DE) , Dragoş Florin David (PPE‑DE) , Flaviu Călin Rus (PPE‑DE) and Alexandru Nazare (PPE‑DE)
to the Commission

 Subject: Information included in the portal Europeana.eu
 Answer in writing 

Romanian public opinion has been upset by the inclusion, on the portal Europeana.eu, of information concerning Romania that is inapplicable to that country’s image and the history and culture of the Romanian people, and which is liable to engender an image of Romania that does not correspond to the truth.

A search of the portal using the term ‘Romania’ takes one to pictures of children suffering from AIDS and of children confined to institutions for the mentally handicapped.

Similarly, there is a complete lack of any information on the most important figures in Romanian culture and history.

In view of the fact that Europeana is a telematics network created by the European Commission under the eContentplus programme, can the Commission state:

1. Why there is a lack of relevant information on Romania when, on the other hand, material has been included that it liable to engender a negative and absolutely unfounded image of that country;
2. What solutions it has in mind to prevent such situations from recurring?

Original language of question: ROOJ C 189, 13/07/2010
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