Parliamentary question - E-3787/2009Parliamentary question

Imports of dogs from Eastern Europe

by Andreas Mölzer (NI)
to the Commission

Concerned animal welfare activists are drawing attention to problems in connection with the import and transport of puppies from Eastern Europe. Young animals which have not been vaccinated are separated much too soon from their mothers so that they can be sold cheaply in countries such as Austria, Germany and Spain.

If such an illegal shipment is discovered, under current law after carrying out an ‘inspection’ the Austrian authorities are required, on animal protection grounds, to return the puppies to their owner once the unacceptable transport conditions have been remedied. In practice, of course, this requirement is shamelessly exploited. Amending the animal transport regulation to stipulate that puppies shipped under conditions not consistent with animal welfare can be confiscated would probably close this loophole.

1. Is the Commission aware of similar problems in connection with shipments of puppies and other animals from other Member States?

2. Are there plans to revise EU animal protection rules governing shipments of animals in the foreseeable future in order to close this and any other similar loopholes?

3. In the meantime, are there any other ways of halting this unacceptable practice?

OJ C 10 E, 14/01/2011