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Parliamentary questions
PDF 26kWORD 53k
17 September 2009
Answer given by Mr Samecki on behalf of the Commission
Question reference: E-3801/2009

1. In the framework of the operational programme ‘Peloponnesus 2000‑06’, the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) co-finances the following two projects: (a) ‘Upgrade of existing railway lines Korinthos-Andritsa and Argos-Nafplio’ (public expenditure EUR 26 500 000), and (b) ‘Renewal of existing railway lines Andritsaina-Kalamata-Zevgolatio and Lefktro-Megalopoli’ (public expenditure EUR 9 442 861). The contribution from the ERDF is equal to 80 % of the eligible public expenditure.

2 and 3. According to point 6 of the decision of the Commission C(2006)3424 of 1 August 2006 ‘Guidelines on Closure of Assistance (2000‑06) from the Structural Funds’, the managing authority, intermediate body, paying authority and Member State have the duty to ensure the delivery of co-financed products and services at the time of closure. The Member State should undertake to complete or render operational, at its own expense, all unfinished or non-functional operations not later than two years after the deadline for submission of the final report, which is 15 months after the end of the eligibility period for expenditure. Moreover, the Member State should tell the Commission, at the end of this two-year period, whether each such project has been completed or rendered functional. For operations that have not been completed or rendered functional by the end of that period, the Commission will take the necessary steps to recover Community funds.

3. In the case of the operational programme ‘Peloponnese’, which benefits of an extension of the eligibility period until the end of 2009, the deadline for the submission of the final report is end of March 2011 and the deadline to complete or render operational, at its own expense, all unfinished or non-functional operations is March 2013.

According to the information the Commission received from the managing authority of the operational programme, rail service has, however, already started between Corinth-Tripoli and Argos on 1 August 2009.

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