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Parliamentary questions
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14 September 2009
by Athanasios Plevris (EFD)
to the Commission

 Subject: Measures to counter declining birth rates and provide assistance for large families
 Answer in writing 

Recent statistics reveal at further decline in birth-rates in European countries, in particular Greece, where a woman now has on average 1.29 children. Given the very low fertility rates in European countries, a common European policy is clearly necessary to counter declining birth rates on the one hand and help meet the needs of large families on the other.

In view of this:

1. Is the Commission envisaging any common EU policy initiatives in response to declining birth rates in Europe?
2. Is it aware of the various problems being encountered by large families and what measures will it take to resolve them?

Original language of question: ELOJ C 10 E, 14/01/2011
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