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Parliamentary question - E-4757/2009(ASW)Parliamentary question

Answer given by Mrs Ferrero-Waldner on behalf of the Commission

Anti-corruption has a central role in the existing structured dialogue between the EU and Ukraine under the partnership and cooperation agreement, within the framework of our focus on improving the economic governance of Ukraine in order to facilitate long-term economic growth. It will also be reflected at a multilateral level within the Eastern Partnership Initiative and is addressed in the negotiations currently being undertaken with Ukraine on an Association Agreement. The Commission regularly draws the attention of the Ukrainian authorities to reported obstacles faced by EU‑based investors, maintaining a continuous dialogue with organisations such as the European Business Association in Ukraine.

The Commission will press hard to ensure that relevant bodies in Ukraine such as the Interagency Working Group on Anti-Corruption Issues and the office of the Government Agent for Anti-Corruption are effectively resourced and empowered with the necessary freedom to fulfil their mandate.

The Commission would be glad to discuss the specific case of East/West Alliance with company representatives in order to obtain the full facts of the case, with a view to determining the most appropriate course of action.