Parliamentary question - E-4757/2009Parliamentary question

East/West Alliance and Ukraine

by Gay Mitchell (PPE)
to the Commission

The Dublin-based aviation company East/West Alliance has been the victim of the widespread corruption that permeates Ukrainian business and society. They had a significant amount of property ‘confiscated’ by authorities and despite rulings by the Ukrainian courts that the property belonged legitimately to East/West Alliance they have received neither their property nor compensation for loss of income.

Given the moves toward closer integration between the EU and Ukraine, both politically and economically, through the European Neighbourhood Policy and joint EU‑Ukraine Action Plan, how is the Commission working to ensure a reduction in the widespread corruption still prevalent there?

Additionally, what action can the Commission take to assist a company registered within an EU Member State to receive the property and compensation it is due?

OJ C 10 E, 14/01/2011