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Parliamentary question - E-4851/2009(ASW)Parliamentary question

Joint answer given by Ms Vassiliou on behalf of the Commission
Written questions : E-4851/09 , E-5119/09


Regulation (EC) No 1523/2007 bans the placing on the market and the import to, or export from, the Community of cat and dog fur, or products containing such fur[1]. The ban applies since 31 December 2008 and Member States are primarily responsible for its implementation.

However, Article 5 of the above Regulation requires that Member States inform the Commission of the analytical methods they use to identify the species of origin of fur. In addition, Article 8 requires that Member States notify to the Commission the penalties applicable in case of infringements to the provisions of the regulation. To this date, 24 out of 27 Member States, including Spain, provided information and the Commission is analysing it in order to assess if the requirements of the regulation are complied with.

Furthermore, Article 8 of the regulation requires that Member States report to the Commission on their efforts to enforce it. The Commission intends to start collecting information on the practical implementation of the ban in January 2010 as by that time the ban will have been in place for one full year. On the basis of these reports, the Commission will present before 31 December 2010 a report to the Parliament and the Council on the application of the regulation.