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Parlamentarische Anfrage - E-5003/2009(ASW)Parlamentarische Anfrage
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Answer given by Mr Dimas on behalf of the Commission

The Commission is not aware of the facts reported by the Honourable Member in his question. Member States' competent authorities are responsible for the licensing of these installations and for the enforcement of the related regulations. So far, on the basis of the information provided, it is not possible to assess whether European legislation has been respected or not.

Directive 2006/21/EC[1] on the management of extractive waste should have been transposed before 1 May 2008 and it seems that Greece has not yet taken the necessary measures to ensure this transposition. The Commission is following the developments of this situation closely, and the usual procedures have been launched in order to ensure a rapid and appropriate transposition of the directive in Greece. The European Court of Justice has recently been seized by the Commission on this issue.