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18 November 2009
by Elena Oana Antonescu (PPE) and Rareş-Lucian Niculescu (PPE)
to the Commission

 Subject: Environmental impact of agricultural subsidies
 Answer in writing 

The lack of detailed information on the surface areas for which subsidies are granted, as well as fact that interactions between different types of agriculture and the natural value of the land vary from one region to another, means there is no clear way of telling what impact CAP payments have on the preservation of land with a high natural value (land linked with traditional agriculture or agriculture with low raw materials requirements and which is not especially lucrative). Farms whose land is of a high natural value are far more dependent on agricultural funding to generate income than are intensive farms. The latter are characterised by low levels of biodiversity, and subsidies provide too small an incentive to farm the land ecologically.

In the light of the debate on whether or not to revise the CAP for the forthcoming period, what is the Commission’s position on the need for a more effective allocation of subsidies geared to achieving the EU’s ecological objectives, especially as regards safeguarding natural capital?

Original language of question: ROOJ C 10 E, 14/01/2011
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