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Parliamentary questions
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9 December 2010
Question for written answer E-010279/2010
to the Commission
Rule 117
Elena Oana Antonescu (PPE)

 Subject: Education policies: TV and computers affect even children who are active
 Answer in writing 

Spending many hours a day in front of TV or computer screens exposes children to a growing risk of depression, anxiety or insomnia, regardless of how active they are the rest of the time. According to a British study, the risk of psychological problems is around 60 % higher in children who spend longer than two hours a day in front of a computer or TV screen.

Are there any centralised records at EU level showing the average consumption of TV and the Internet and the time children spend in front of a computer?

To what extent are Community programmes for children being developed, to encourage the use of computers for educational purposes, with the help of interactive lessons and online exams? Such programmes would encourage learning through play, communication, creativity, competitiveness, team spirit, volunteering and altruism and children would continue to play whilst at the same time being educated.

Original language of question: ROOJ C 265 E, 09/09/2011
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