Parliamentary question - E-010628/2010Parliamentary question

New method of putting explosives on board aircraft

Question for written answer E-010628/2010
to the Commission
Rule 117
Artur Zasada (PPE)

I am concerned about information reported by international news agencies indicating that in a recent failed bomb attack on a civilian aeroplane flying from Iraq to the United States terrorists used a new method. Bombs were hidden inside live dogs that were to be sent by air to the US. The animals had undergone surgery to conceal explosives and detonators inside them. However, the operations were not carried out properly and as a result the animals died before they could be put on board the plane. Had that not been the case, it is unlikely they would have aroused the suspicion of the airport security services. The bombs concealed inside the animals would not have been detected even using the latest generation of scanners.

Is the Commission aware of the threat of explosives concealed within a dog or cat transported by air? Have any steps been taken to limit or eliminate this danger? Has any research been undertaken or studies carried out to identify the actual level of threat and the likelihood of such an attack in the European Union?

OJ C 279 E, 23/09/2011