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Parliamentary questions
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2 February 2010
by Elena Oana Antonescu (PPE)
to the Commission

 Subject: Measures to combat excessive alcohol consumption
 Answer in writing 

According to the Charter establishing the European Alcohol and Health Forum, 7.4% of health problems and premature deaths are caused by excessive alcohol consumption. Young people are particularly at risk, with excessive alcohol consumption causing over 10% of female deaths and around 25% of male deaths in the 15‑29 age group.

The Commission has already launched a number of studies and reports on this subject, including on the impact of marketing messages on levels of alcohol consumption. Those studies and reports give additional grounds for introducing measures which influence factors that have a decisive impact on health.

How does the Commission intend to respond to these problems and take the debate to the next level, especially in the face of constant opposition from economic operators?

Original language of question: ROOJ C 138 E, 07/05/2011
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