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Parliamentary questions
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26 February 2010
by Martin Ehrenhauser (NI)
to the Commission

 Subject: Data protection and the ‘INDECT’ research project
 Answer in writing 

Since the start of 2009 the European Union has been supporting the five-year ‘INDECT’ research project, with an investment of EUR 14.86 million. The aim of the project is to bring together information from the Internet, databases and surveillance cameras.

1. How does the Commission view the contradiction between the concept of the project and European data protection and constitutional law, in particular in view of a possible plan to bring together the data collected for the purpose of drawing up personal profiles, at the same time automatically scanning the population?

In a case applicable in this connection, the German Federal Constitutional Court argued on 11 August 2009 (Decision 2 BvR 941/08) against the permissibility of speed measurements in road traffic through video surveillance.

2. How does the Commission explain the fact that an ethics board connected with the project, set up to monitor the guaranteeing of data protection, is chaired by members of an EU police authority (GB)?

3. How, in the Commission's view, is this exercise of a function by the police reconcilable with the automatic access to scientific documents produced?

4. The use supported in the project of linked, unmanned planes (drones) is not permitted in many regions of Europe among other things because of the lack of compatibility with air traffic control systems. How does the Commission explain this circumstance in direct connection with the support provided?

Original language of question: DEOJ C 138 E, 07/05/2011
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