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Parliamentary question - E-1084/2010(ASW)Parliamentary question

Answer given by Mrs Reding on behalf of the Commission

The Commission is aware of the complex situation created at the international level by the Romanian Law No 273/2004 which has banned inter-country adoptions from the Romanian legal system and of the recent developments as described by the Honourable MEP.

However, the policy choice to ban international adoptions is the sole responsibility of the Romanian Government. This strict measure must be seen in connection with the former abusive practices on inter-country adoption in this country.

The Commission is aware that the Romanian Adoptions Office (ORA) has sent in October 2009 to the Government a memorandum on resuming international adoptions only in cases where domestic adoption repeatedly fails. This proposal has been immediately rejected by Prime Minister Emil Boc.

The Commission is following the developments of the situation and has organised, together with the Council of Europe, the recent conference: ‘Challenges in Adoption Procedures in Europe: ensuring the best interests of the child’, with the participation of three representatives of the Romanian Adoptions Office (including Mr Panait), together with the Unicef Country Representative for Romania, in order to get precise information on this issue.