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Parliamentary questions
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8 March 2010
by Franz Obermayr (NI)
to the Commission

 Subject: Data protection violation by the INDECT project
 Answer in writing 

The ‘secret INDECT project’, which research suggests is being provided with EUR 15 million of EU funds, is to be used for population surveillance in urban areas. This surveillance is to take place with flying drones and strict control of the Internet. This programme is embedded in an EU project which aims to promote the fight against crime and terrorism and lead to tougher control over immigration.

This surveillance of the entire population rather than of individual suspects is a massive step for any society to take and has Orwellian overtones. Would the Commission please answer the following questions:

1. Is any such project ongoing and, if so, what is its current state of implementation?
2. Does surveillance under the INDECT project guarantee protection of privacy?
3. Does the observation of people violate the Data Protection Act?
4. If so, how does the Commission justify this?

Original language of question: DEOJ C 138 E, 07/05/2011
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