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3 May 2010
Question reference: E-1773/2010

The ‘Strategic agreement between the EU and the USA in digital healthcare’ is not mentioned in the provisional agendas of the Council meetings during the Spanish Presidency. Consequently, there was no need to consult the European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) in this respect.

The Council adopted conclusions on ‘Safe and efficient healthcare through eHealth’(1) at its session on 30 November-1 December 2009. In these Conclusions, the Council called upon the Member States to build confidence in and acceptance of eHealth services by ensuring the highest standards of patient safety, data protection and privacy. It also called on Member States to bring legal clarity and ensure protection of health data by addressing the legal constraints for the safe exchange of medical data across national borders, respecting the need to protect health data and personal integrity of patients, and therefore the rights of patients to give consent to the use of their medical data.

In the same conclusions, the Council also welcomed the recent collaboration between a number of Member States, such as the ‘Smart Open Services for European Patients’ (epSOS Project), which seeks to develop cross-border interoperability of summaries of electronic health records and ePrescriptions, and the Calliope thematic network, which aims at developing a roadmap for eHealth interoperability in Europe and creating the necessary consensus for its implementation.


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