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Parliamentary questions
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22 March 2010
by Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert (ALDE) , Alexander Alvaro (ALDE) , Cecilia Wikström (ALDE) , Sophia in 't Veld (ALDE) and Baroness Sarah Ludford (ALDE)
to the Council

 Subject: Is the Council pushing to share healthcare records with the US?
 Answer in writing 

To judge from http://www.eu2010.es/en/documentosynoticias/noticias/mar04_trinidadeeuu.html it seems that the Spanish Presidency wants to lay the groundwork for a strategic agreement between the EU and the US for sharing digital healthcare data.

1. Could the Council say whether the abovementioned ‘strategic agreement’ has been discussed at Council level? If so, could the Council elaborate on this debate, as well as on the outcome? If not, when will it appear on the Council's agenda?

2. Could the Council specify the exact objective of such a ‘strategic agreement’? If not, why not?

3. Is the Council indeed pushing to share healthcare records with the US? If not, what exactly is the Council pushing for instead?

4. Could the Council indicate whether it consulted the European Data Protection Supervisor prior to the Spanish Presidency statement in Washington, DC? If it did not, could the Council proceed accordingly without delay?

 OJ C 138 E, 07/05/2011
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