Parliamentary question - E-2915/2010Parliamentary question

Trafficking of animals within the Community

by Marek Henryk Migalski (ECR)
to the Commission

Dogs and other pets are being transported with increasing frequency in the European Union in conditions that endanger their lives. The breeding of animals in unsanitary conditions in certain EU Member States allows them to be sold in other Member States at well below market price. These animals are very often trafficked within the Community without proper documentation, examinations or vaccinations. This not only poses a risk of disease, but also represents a violation of basic moral principles. Many trafficked animals die in transit. Traffickers are often punished with small fines, while the trafficked animals are ultimately destroyed owing to the high cost of keeping them in quarantine. This inevitably gives rise to a sense of injustice and a feeling that the animals are being punished more severely than the people who traffic them.

In light of the above:

Will the Commission take steps to create uniform, Community-wide rules on animal rights, given the current lack of such norms?

Will it put a stop to such practices by amending the current rules so as to ensure that animals seized from traffickers are not destroyed, but rather placed in quarantine at the traffickers' expense?

OJ C 138 E, 07/05/2011