Parliamentary question - E-3631/2010Parliamentary question

Canine euthanasia bill

by Daciana Octavia Sârbu (S&D)
to the Commission

Last week, the prefect of Bucharest tabled a bill to Parliament concerning the euthanasia of stray dogs, which would cost around EUR 100000, the justification for this measure being that it is less costly than keeping stray dogs in shelters or sterilising them.

The proposed legislation would also restrict the possibilities for adoption, unclaimed dogs being automatically put to sleep after seven days.

The serious problem of stray dogs in Bucharest has been allowed to get out of hand as a result of failure by the authorities to act sufficiently promptly in implementing a stray dog sterilisation programme and now poses a threat to public health and safety.

However, the solution now being proposed has sparked off a wave of protest in Romania and other EU Member States.

In view of this:

OJ C 170 E, 10/06/2011