Parliamentary question - E-4742/2010Parliamentary question

Slaughter of dogs in Romania

Question for written answer E-4742/2010
to the Commission
Rule 117
Cristiana Muscardini (PPE)

Round-up operations in Călăraşi, Romania, have found a high number of stray dogs that have been mistreated, beaten, suffocated or left to die on city streets. Those that manage to survive are taken to a dog pound in Dalag, to which animal protection groups such as SavetheDog Romania are denied entry so that they cannot check the dogs’ state of health, even though the company running the pound is legally required to release neutered dogs. It is clear from published images and reports that the European Convention for the Protection of Pet Animals, ratified by Romania and the other EU Member States, is being violated.

1. Is the Commission aware of this situation?

2. What action does it intend to take against Romania in relation to the issue of strays and mistreatment of pets?

3. Does it intend to intervene in support of local animal protection groups’ efforts to prevent this slaughter?

OJ C 191 E, 01/07/2011