Parliamentary question - E-5328/2010Parliamentary question

    Sled dog racing

    Question for written answer E-5328/2010
    to the Commission
    Rule 117
    Jens Geier (S&D)

    By enacting Regulation No 388/2010[1] implementing Regulation No 998/2003[2] of the European Parliament and of the Council as regards the maximum number of pet animals of certain species that may be the subject of non-commercial movement, the Commission acted through necessity and in good faith to curb corruption, illicit trade and criminal practices in the animal business. It therefore seems sensible that, when more than five pet animals are transported to third countries, those animals should be considered commercial goods and not travelling animals.

    However, the regulation also unintentionally affects sled dog racing and leads to serious problems when transporting the dogs to sporting events. The sport is mostly organised in snowy areas, meaning that the dogs must often travel to third countries. Often, more than five dogs travel together. The new conditions unnecessarily complicate the organisation of the dogs’ transportation by sportspeople, and in some cases make transport impossible.

    How does the Commission intend to grant exemptions for the transportation of animals for sporting events organised by registered associations?

    Will a regulation be enacted allowing short travel abroad for groups of more than five pet animals?

    How will it be possible to ensure observance of the regulation when the dogs need to travel from one racing venue to another without returning to their country of origin in the meantime? Are there special rules for such cases?

    How can it be ensured that the sportspeople who keep the dogs do not incur disproportionately high costs for the mandatory inspections with associated electronic notification?

    Are rules being drafted to create an exemption from the requirement that animals be inspected by a veterinary official, since the dogs in question already undergo a veterinary inspection at sporting events?

    OJ C 191 E, 01/07/2011