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26 July 2010
Question for written answer E-5895/2010
to the Commission
Rule 117
Elena Oana Antonescu (PPE)

 Subject: Sun protection creams
 Answer in writing 

Companies producing sun protection creams are permitted to place on the EU market creams that can contain up to 27 protective chemicals. However, these companies can only place on the US market creams that contain 17 protective chemicals, since the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not approved all the substances used in the EU, including Mexoryl SX, Tinosorb M and Tinosorb S, Neo Heliopan AP, 4‑Methylbenzylidene camphor and Uvinul T 150.

Likewise, preliminary FDA findings have shown that sun creams enriched with vitamin A may be photo‑carcinogenic, and consequently increase the risk of skin cancer.

Does the Commission intend to review the rules on cosmetic products, inter alia to clarify whether any danger surrounds the 10 substances not approved in countries where advanced research has been conducted?

Original language of question: ROOJ C 216 E, 22/07/2011
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