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Parliamentary question - E-6912/2010(ASW)Parliamentary question

Answer given by Mr Tajani on behalf of the Commission

The Indect project is a research project financed under the Security Theme of the seventh framework programme (FP7). The legal basis of the Security Theme is Council Decision 2006/971/EC[1].

The Indect project is working on tools for a monitoring system to detect threats such as throwing objects in stadiums, in particular hazardous items (knives, fire crackers). Even though the project has a permission to run tests at one stadium in Poland — the Baltic Arena stadium — where possibly the 2012 European Football Championship might take place, at this stage there are no plans to carry out tests during the 2012 championship at that stadium.

The Commission would like to point out that Indect pays particular attention to ethical issues and requests permissions before running any tests. The Commission would also like to clarify that the Indect project has a duration of 60 months and will end in December 2013. Therefore, no tests are foreseen in 2014 or 2015.

From now until 2013, Indect will run a number of tests. In order to do so, Indect has contacted the Regional Police Headquarters in Gdansk for example, which granted Indect testing permission. Recently, Indect has also partnered with the Warsaw Police Monitoring Centre with a view to undertake a number of tests. There are similar ongoing discussions with the Krakow authorities, as well as with a number of other European cities.

Finally, contacts have been established with the Gdansk Airport Rebiechowo and the Baltic Arena stadium with a view to undertake some testing at these locations.

The main purpose of this testing is to develop new technology for automatic threat detection. The Commission would like to underline that only individuals that have given written consent will participate in these tests.

For more details, the Honourable Member may want to consult the project's website:

The Indect project will never involve processing of any personal data without the prior written consent of individuals. Should any personal data of individuals be used during the project, this will be done on the basis of ‘informed consent’ of individuals participating in the tests. Indect will not make any personal data processed in connection with the project available to third parties.

The Indect Project Coordinator has designated an Ethics Board. The Ethics Board supervises the ethical aspects of the project's activities. The Ethics Board ensures strict fulfilment of the EU ethical rules on privacy, data protection, prevention of dual use etc.

For more details, the Honourable Member may wish to consult the ethics section of the project's website:

OJ C 243 E, 20/08/2011