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Parliamentary question - E-7019/2010(ASW)Parliamentary question

Answer given by Mr Dalli on behalf of the Commission

1. The Commission is not aware of the measures taken by the Greek authorities regarding the treatment of stray cats and dogs.

2. In relation to stray animals, no EU harmonised legislation is in place and the matter falls under the sole responsibility of the Member States. For more details, the Commission would like to refer the Honourable Member of the European Parliament to its replies to Questions E‑3631/10 by Ms Sârbu, P‑4720/10 by Mr Berlato and E‑4742 by Ms Muscardini[1].

Since this matter falls under the responsibility of the Member States, the Commission can only provide technical support of general initiatives to promote responsible ownership and proper population control like the guidelines on stray dog population control of the World Organisation for Animal Health[2] or the CARODOG[3] project mentioned in its reply to P‑4720/10.

OJ C 243 E, 20/08/2011