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Parliamentary questions
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4 October 2010
Question for written answer E-7923/2010
to the Commission
Rule 117
Rodi Kratsa-Tsagaropoulou (PPE)

 Subject: EU response to massive passport issue by certain Member States
 Answer in writing 

The population figures of the 27 EU Member States are expected to rise by five million as a result of the recent decision by a number of EU Member States such as Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary to issue passports to Bulgarian, Romanian and Hungarian communities and minorities belonging to countries outside their borders, principally Moldova, FYROM, Serbia, Ukraine and Turkey. It is expected that this will be accompanied by an increase in the percentage of the EU population originating from these poorer Member States, consisting principally of unskilled workers. This could have social and economic consequences at a time when the EU is seeking to encourage specifically the migration of skilled workers to meet the needs of the market, stimulate economic recovery and reduce its unemployment figures.

In view of this:

Has the Commission considered this problem and is it consulting the Member States?

Does the Commission have any information regarding the estimated demographic, social and economic impact on the EU of awarding Member State citizenship on such a massive scale?

Original language of question: ELOJ C 243 E, 20/08/2011
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