Parliamentary question - E-002372/2011Parliamentary question

Islamic fundamentalism and intolerance: Spain

Question for written answer E-002372/2011
to the Commission
Rule 117
Mara Bizzotto (EFD)

The Muslim community in Lérida (Catalonia) has called on the authorities to ban all dogs, including guide dogs, on buses and other forms of public transport on the grounds that their presence would be an affront to Islam and thus restrict its religious freedom. According to press reports, some taxi drivers have even refused to take people who have guide dogs with them.

Is the Commission aware of similar developments in other parts of Europe? How does it intend to combat intolerance of this kind, which goes against the principles that form part of the acquis communautaire? How does it intend to protect the interests of blind and partially sighted people in Europe, for whom guide dogs have long been a means of retaining a degree of independence? How does it intend to combat acts of intolerance and cruelty towards dogs committed by Muslim communities, such as those which occurred in Turkey in 2008, when, in response to claims that a child had been attacked by a rabid dog, dog owners were ordered to surrender their dogs, ostensibly for quarantine purposes, and the dogs were then killed and buried in mines on the outskirts of Antalya?

OJ C 294 E, 06/10/2011