Parliamentary question - E-003343/2011Parliamentary question

Illegal trade in puppies

Question for written answer E-003343/2011
to the Commission
Rule 117
Andreas Mölzer (NI)

In eastern European countries in particular, such as Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Hungary, there is a brisk trade in puppies, whose mothers are kept in cruel conditions. Without concern for these young dogs, which are mostly separated from their mothers far too soon, they are shipped across Europe in transporters with falsified vaccination papers for up to 30 hours. In the Netherlands or Belgium the puppies are brought to a kind of transit camp, from which they are transported onward to the countries of Europe and are then sold as bred in Holland or Belgium. For the dealers, who like to play on buyers’ sympathies, this is a lucrative business.

1. Are there initiatives to explain these problems to the public and discourage them from buying puppies from such dealers?

2. Are there plans for measures to draw the attention of eastern European countries to the conditions of such animal production centres and demand their banning?

3. Are state-recognised breeding associations subsidised by the EU?

4. What EU‑wide guidelines are there for breeding associations?

OJ C 309 E, 21/10/2011