Parliamentary question - E-003700/2011Parliamentary question

Sale of pets

Question for written answer E-003700/2011
to the Commission
Rule 117
Frieda Brepoels (Verts/ALE)

In its answer to my Question E‑8688/2010 of 13 October 2010 on animal genetics and inbreeding of pure-bred animals, the Commission states that ‘Council Directive 91/174/EEC only provides that Member States shall ensure that the marketing of pure-bred animals is not prohibited, restricted or impeded on zootechnical or pedigree grounds, if certain minimum criteria are met’.

In the same policy area, I am informed that in the Nordic countries, for example, dogs are not allowed to be sold in pet shops.

With that in mind, I should like to put these follow-up questions to my question of October 2010 and the Commission's answer:

Is the Commission aware of legislation in the Nordic countries (Finland, Sweden, Denmark) which bans the sale of (pedigree) dogs, cats and other pets in supermarkets and pet shops?

Are the Member States allowed to adopt such legislation? Is such legislation in accordance with European law (or does it perhaps fall within the scope of the Keck & Mithouard judgment and the case law following on from that judgment)?

What is the Commission’s view of regulations banning the sale of (pedigree) dogs, cats and other pets in supermarkets and pet shops? Has the Commission already taken action in this area or does it propose to do so in future?

OJ C 314 E, 27/10/2011